Immigration DNA Testing Process

 Our Fast and Accurate Immigration DNA Testing Process

Step 1.

-Contact AABB Immigration DNA Center and a  Immigration DNA Case Specialist will be assigned to your case.

- Assigned Immigration Specialist will collect USCIS/Embassy documents and contact information

- Collection date and time will be coordinated

- Your sample will be sent to our AABB DNA Testing lab.

Step 2.

AABB Immigration DNA Center will contact you once the request for DNA testing is shipped and you will be given the shipping details.

- Once the embassy receives your DNA request. The embassy will be responsible for  coordinating your family’s DNA sample collection.

-  After the appointment is set and your family member/s samples are collected. Their samples will be returned to our lab. Results will be made available 48-72 hours from our lab receipt of the samples.

.- Please note: If all parties are in the states, results will be available in 48-72 hours.

- Upon completion of your DNA Test. AABB Immigration DNA Center  will contact you immediately to give you verbal on your results while simultaneously shipping you a copy  and the requesting party a copy  (USCIS/Embassy) of your results.

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Our lab:

One of the most important things to be certain of when starting the immigration testing process is to make sure the lab that handles your family’s relationship testing has a AABB accreditation. AABB is an acronym for the American Association of Blood Banks(AABB). Only laboratories accredited by the AABB are recognized by embassies and USCIS.  All of AABB Immigration DNA Center’s results are performed by AABB DNA Testing accredited lab. Allowing AIDC the ability to provide accurate, quality and affordable services to communities both domestic and international. Our trained professionals are the backbone of our family. AABB Immigration DNA Center provides you with your personal case specific Immigration DNA Specialist to walk you through the entire process. Below are the necessary steps you can expect to start your immigration Genetic Testing.