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If you are in need or are unsure on what type of DNA testing service you may need for your particular scenario. Please click one  of the tabs below to choose the best option for your family.

Immigration DNA Testing

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Immigration DNA Testing Process

AABB DNA Testing for immigration purposes near your location is required when USCIS or the United States Embassy requests your family to provide additional proof of relationship due to lack of evidence.  Read More about DNA Testing Click Here.

Paternity Testing
paternity testingPaternity Testing helps determine a relationship between an alleged father and child/ren. This  can be an extremely emotional process for all parties involved. This is why AIDC’s highly trained professionals specialize in handling all scenarios with respect, responsibility and confidentiality. Read More Click Here
Sibling DNA Testing

 Sibling DNA Testing Provides Accurate Results

Today we experience many different types of scenarios as it pertains to DNA Testing. One such scenario is Sibling Testing. Basically, a Sibling DNA Test consist of normally two parties who may share one or two parents. Below is a brief description to help you decide which test may be right for you.

Full Sibling vs. Half Sibling

If you and your sibling know you share one parent but are unsure if you share the other, then a Full Sibling vs. Half Sibling is the appropriate DNA test for you. If your mothers are known and available, then they should be tested for the greatest accuracy. Our trained specialist will guide you and your sibling through the testing process from start to finish and beyond. You will be assigned a personal case manager who will schedule DNA collection appointments at a location near your home or office. View our DNA Testing Locations. The DNA siblingship test will provide you with peace of mind and the results are court-admissible if needed.

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Half Sibling vs. Unrelated

If you and your sibling are unsure if you share a biological parent, then a Half Sibling vs. Unrelated is the appropriate DNA test for you. Having your mother tested will produce the most accurate results, but results can be obtained without your mother’s participation. When you call AABB Immigration DNA Center to schedule an appointment you will be assigned a personal case manager. Your case manager will find a DNA testing location near your home or office. View our DNA Testing Locations. This type of kinship test will provide you with peace of mind, and the results can be prepare to be court-admissible if needed.For Pricing Call 877-680-5800

Relationship DNA Tests
Relationship DNA Testing

Many relationships can be verified by DNA testing. Tests between grandparents and children, avuncular testing, twin testing, and others are available. Simply call our experts and describe your situation. Call 877-680-5800.

Forensic DNA Testing
A Forensic DNA Test is a test that requires the use of items like cigarette buds, licked envelope, used q-tips, just to name a few. To  learn more about this type of service please contact one of our DNA testing experts at 877-680-5800.



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