AABB DNA Testing


29 June, 2013

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AABB DNA Testing

Immigration AABB DNA Testing: Read The Difference

AABB Immigration DNA Testing services provided by AIDC  to our clients requires us to give a high level of  professionalism and accuracy. We have performed this level efficiency for well over ten years.

Some of the services we provide are Paternity DNA Testing, Maternity DNA Testing, Sibling DNA Testing just to name a few. Our clients can rest assure their DNA Testing  will be handled an by a AABB accredited laboratory. Our lab has state-of–the-art facilities that provide the most accurate immigration DNA testing results on the market. The Ph. D’s at our lab have well over fifty year’s accumulative experience in the field of Molecular Biology and Genetics.  Accreditation’s acquired by our laboratory are the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB), the United States Department of Health (CLIA), New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) and National Forensic Science Technology Center Certification just to name a few. The certifications shows the detail and precise direction our lab have underwent in order to provide the most efficient relationship tests on the market. With these accreditation’s, you can be assured your genetic samples will be handled with respect, competence and strict quality standards as set forth by the above mention organizations.

Why Choose AIDC?

Simply, we have provided our services for close to ten years and to thousands of families. There aren’t many institutions in the field today that can’t say they have provided a DNA Testing services to communities nationwide for over three thousand families. With this kind of stability, professionalism and most importantly the accuracy and quality of testing. Your family can rest your DNA testing will be handled with care.

Our lab’s immigration DNA testing process allows AIDC to remain one the most sort after institutions by attorneys and medical professionals nationwide. AIDC would like to thank you in advance for allowing us to assist you with your family’s AABB Immigration DNA testing needs.  For more information on our AABB DNA testing services or, to schedule an appointment please contact us at 877.680.5800.